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Best Hair Transplant Turkey If you’re seeking best hair transplant Turkey, you should know a bit about hair transplants. Hair transplants are procedures wherein dermatological or plastic surgeons shift hair onto an area of the head that is balding. Generally, the surgeon will transfer hair from the side or back of the head towards the top or front.
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    Best Hair Transplant Turkey, Istanbul

    Best Hair Transplant Turkey, hair growth tends to slow down in older people since the follicles are unable to produce hair. Subsequently, the result is thin hair on the scalps.

    Cancer treatment:

    Second, chemotherapy or radiation treatments is another reason for hair loss. When conducted on the backside of the head, many cancer patients may lose significant amounts of hair. Not to mention, the hair loss typically begins within the first few weeks of treatment. That is the reason many opt for the best hair transplant Turkey.


    Third, certain factors may result in hair loss. Some of them include the following:
    • Illness, or recovery from an illness
    • Giving birth
    • Surgery
    These stressors can lead to an abrupt and noticeable increase in the amount and speed of hair loss. Similarly, stressful situations, such as a loved one’s death or a divorce, can trigger hair loss.

    Hair care:

    Next, factors like perming, coloring, or relaxing the hair can cause it to become weak and damaged. Not surprising, they may lead to hair loss, which is why you should opt for the best hair transplant Turkey.

    Hormonal imbalance:

    PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is one common example of such an imbalance. This condition causes cysts to develop on the ovaries. PCOS causes several symptoms, one of which is hair loss.

    Scalp infections:

    Such infections is another common cause of hair loss. They often cause the scalp to become inflamed. Hence, the inflammation then causes tiny black dots. Additionally, such infections often lead to the formation of bald patches.


    Did you know some medications can cause hair loss? If you think that your medication is causing hair loss, discuss this with your doctor. The doctor might help you identify if hair loss is a potential side effect of the medication. However, it is important you do not stop taking the medication until you have discussed the situation with your doctor. Abruptly stopping medication might lead to other problems.

    Pulling hair:

    Many people pull their hair, especially when they are dealing with a stressful situation. The medical term for this action is ‘trichotillomania’.

    STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections):

    Untreated STIs can lead to hair loss. Syphilis is one such example. This infection can cause patches of hair loss, which is common on the scalp, eyebrows, and beard. It is worth noting that other STIs can also cause hair loss.

    Thyroid issues:

    An improperly working thyroid can also trigger hair loss. As a result, a person’s hair often comes out in clumps when they brush them.

    Mineral deficiency:

    Last but not least, several minerals can lead to thinning or loss of hair. Some of those include:
    • Zinc.
    • Biotin.
    • Iron.
    • Protein.

    Best Hair Transplant Turkey – Who Can Benefit from It?

    Getting a hair transplant Turkey offers many benefits. You will notice a difference in your appearance and confidence. However, it is important to consider consulting a service provider that offers the best hair transplant Turkey. With this in mind, the following are suitable candidates for a transplant:
    • Men suffering from pattern baldness.
    • Women who have thinning hair.
    • Anyone who has had hair loss due to scalp injuries or burns.
    On the contrary, a hair transplant might be an unsuitable choice for the following candidates:
    • Firstly, women with widespread hair loss across the scalp.
    • Secondly, people with insufficient ‘donor’ sites that surgeons can use to extract hair for the transplant.
    • Thirdly, those having post-injury or post-surgery keloid scars (fibrous, thick scars).
    • Finally, people who have lost their hair because of medications (like chemotherapy).

    Types of Hair Transplant Turkey:

    When seeking the best hair transplant Turkey, you can choose from the following two types:
    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).
    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).
    Prior to either type of hair transplant procedure, your surgeon will thoroughly cleanse your scalp. Coupled with that, they will use a small needle to numb a portion of your head with localized anesthesia.

    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

    • Firstly, the surgeon makes use of a scalpel for cutting out a skin strip from the backside of the head.
    • Secondly, they perform stitches to close down the incision.
    • Next, they will separate the removed section of the scalp into smaller sections with a surgical knife and magnifying lens.
    • Finally, upon implantation, these sections create hair growth that appears natural.

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

    This is one of the best hair transplants Turkey. In this method, the surgeon extracts follicles from the head’s back region through numerous punch incisions.
    • The surgeon will use needles or blades to form small holes in the scalp region that require the transplant.
    • During a single transplant session, hundreds or perhaps even thousands of follicles might be transplanted.
    • Then, a gauze, bandage, or graft will be covering your scalp for the first few days following the procedure.
    It is important to note that hair transplants can last around four hours or longer. Your surgeon will remove the stitches after about a week or two following surgery. To obtain the best hair transplant Turkey, you might require around three or four hair transplant sessions. Your surgeon will allow several months between each session so that the transplant has had sufficient time to heal.

    Do Hair Transplant Procedures Come With Any Complications?

    Best hair transplant Turkey usually has no or minor side effects that go away within a few weeks. These side effects can include:
    • Bleeding or infection: Since hair transplants involve making cuts in the skin, they pose bleeding or infection risks.
    • Scars: The patient might also develop scars on the transplanted area and the donor area.
    • Swelling and pain: Some patients might experience pain and swelling as their skin heals after the transplant.
    The surgeon might prescribe some painkillers to deal with this pain or swelling. Other side-effects include:
    • Bruising around your eyes.
    • In the scalp areas where hair was extracted or removed, crust might form.
    • Numbness or reduced sensation in the treated scalp areas.
    • Sudden but temporary loss of the newly transplanted hair.
    • Hair tufts that appear unnatural.
    If you are concerned about the potential side-effects, discuss them with your surgeon before proceeding towards the procedure.

    Hair Transplant Success Rates:

    Hair transplant is an effective procedure in Turkey that can restore your hair growth in many cases of hair loss. But, the rate of success will depend on various factors. These factors include the experience and skill of the performing surgeon and the donor hair thickness.

    Although large-scale studies on the hair transplant’s success rates aren’t available, some smaller-scale studies offer some insight on the subject.

    One such study revealed that most of the participants who went for an FUE transplant were satisfied with the outcome. The procedure involved the use of beard or body hair. In addition, the average follow-up period was 2.9 years. Meanwhile, the mean satisfaction score amongst the 79 participants was an 8.3 out of a maximum of 10.

    Another study found that using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy in combination with FUE yielded better results with hair transplants. Every one of the PRP participants in the study saw a hair growth of over 75% within six months post-transplant. Moreover, they experienced rapid and swift growth in skin recovery and hair density compared to their non-PRP counterparts.

    Does a Hair Transplant Last?

    In the majority of cases, people who undergo best hair transplant Turkey will enjoy thicker hair after the procedure. However, thinning or loss of hair might continue in certain situations, leading to a patchy or unnatural appearance. For results that last longer, some people might need follow-up transplants after specific intervals. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there is a small possibility of some transplanted follicles not ‘taking’. This means that these hair follicles will die and there will be no new hair growth in that region. The ASPS further cautions that some people might require a ‘touch-up’ procedure. This procedure fills any regions that still have thin hair or blending follicles to produce a more natural appearance. To obtain the best hair transplant Turkey results, people should adhere to the post-procedure guidelines given by their surgeons. You must listen to and follow these post-procedure guidelines. We will be discussing some of these in the next section.

    Post-transplant DOs and DON’Ts:

    If you have received the best hair transplant Turkey, you are done with the first part of the process. You must now take the best possible care of your new hair. Indeed, the new implants are still pretty fragile and will require a bit of nurturing and time to take root. Although post-transplant care may seem difficult, it really isn’t. You just need to follow some basic dos and don’ts given by your doctor. Here are some of the more general instructions and directions that you should follow after your procedure:

    Best hair transplant Turkey – Some Dos You Need to Consider:

     Have someone drop you home

    Generally, hair transplant Turkey does not require powerful sedatives. However, if your doctor gives you one, do not drive while under its influence. Ask a friend or family member to drop you home.

    Sleep with the head elevated (at least for the first week)

    Make sure to maintain this elevation for as long as you are experiencing swelling. Some patients do not get any swelling at all. On the other hand, those who do, they get it for a few days at most. During this period, you can sleep and rest on a recliner.

    Discuss with your surgeon the medications that you can take

    You must discuss the medication in detail with your surgeon. After all, some medications may be temporarily prohibited after surgery.

    Apply ice over your eyebrows

    Patients do this to avoid the swelling that can occur on the third or fourth day following surgery.

    Wash your hair very gently

    Make sure that you are extra gentle while washing your hair during days 3 to 8 after surgery. Be careful about not blasting the water directly onto the scalp.
    • Use a cup for scalp rinsing.
    • Apply conditioner on the scalp to ease any itching.
    • Hydrate well (both before and following the transplant surgery).
    • Expect a certain amount of hair to come out from the transplanted region
    This happens around two to four weeks after getting the best hair transplant Turkey procedure. It is also a part of the natural cycle of hair growth (and hence, completely normal). This does not indicate follicle damage, and the hair will grow back after around three months.

    Best hair transplant Turkey – Some Don’ts to Keep in Mind

    Do not sleep flat on your sides or tummy:

    In addition, you should avoid rubbing the hairline against your pillow.

    Do not panic in case of swelling:

    Swelling is a normal and harmless side-effect of the best hair transplant Turkey. It typically occurs on the third and fourth days after the procedure.

    Avoid using ice directly on the affected areas:

    In fact, you should take extra care to ensure that NOTHING touches these areas.

    Do not stop scabs from developing on the scalp:

    Scab formation is natural, and is a result of the poking that your scalp has been through. It is a part of the healing process, and therefore, you should not touch it until it is completely healed. Allow the scabs on your head to form. Once they are fully healed, they will go away by themselves.

    Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after surgery.

    Avoid scratching the scalp:

    It is normal to experience a certain degree of itchiness after getting the best hair transplant Turkey. But, you should resist the urge to scratch.

    Do not put on any ball caps or hats for the three initial days:

    The scabs that develop following best hair transplant Turkey require approximately 72 hours to solidify. During this period, make sure you do not let anything touch your head.

    Do not expose the scalp to long periods of direct sunlight:

    You should avoid lengthy periods of sunlight during the first couple of weeks. For the first three days, you should steer clear of sunlight. After the third day, you can step outside wearing a hat or cap, but only for brief periods.

    Avoid performing strenuous activities:

    It is important to make sure your heart rate and blood pressure stay normal until the swelling risk has passed. This means avoiding exercising or physical exertions of any kind during the first few days.

    Do not dye hair for at least four weeks:

    The strong dying chemicals might affect the affected follicles that are quite delicate following a transplant.

    Do not smoke:

    Avoid smoking for at least a month after your transplant procedure. This is important to ensure a healthy flow of blood to the transplanted areas. You can even take this as an opportunity to quit smoking altogether.

    TechniFUE International – Best Hair Transplant Turkey:

    DHI Best Hair Transplant Turkey:

    For many, hair fall or pattern baldness can be stressful to deal with. This is especially true if you have already tried multiple treatments without much success. However, DHI – a modern hair transplant technique – might help you achieve that full head of hair you have always envisioned. The DHI technique is noninvasive, produces quick results, and does not have a lengthy healing time. Although numerous companies around the world offer this type of transplant, only a few of those can be considered experts. TechniFUE is one of the leaders of that bunch. Thanks to its top-of-the-class facilities, the best hair transplant Turkey facility, TechniFUE, has made numerous significant breakthroughs in hair restoration. Additionally, the sophisticated and unique techniques employed by this hair transplant center have allowed it to achieve highly successful results.

    More about TechniFUE offering the Best Hair Transplant Turkey:

    Providing the best hair transplant Turkey, TechniFUE International aims to spread smiles and happiness. Their medical team has performed thousands of transplants and improved millions of lives. The excellent transplant quality and meticulous attention to detail make this the best choice for hair transplants in Turkey. TechniFUE currently serves hair transplant candidates from numerous E.U nations. These patients are as young as 19 years old and as old as 65. They strive to establish and expand their presence to other E.U countries.

    What makes TechniFUE the Best Hair Transplant Turkey platform?

    Outstanding results and unparalleled innovation have made TechniFUE stand out from the rest and offer the best hair transplant Turkey. Some of the latest innovations include the OxyVitalis graft survival and vitality enhancement treatment, and TechniFUE 8 Gen Punch. These innovations have enabled TechniFUE to assist patients with premium treatment tools compared to orthodox treatments performed in other places. The hiring of the top medical staff is another reason for TechniFUE’s distinction. Furthermore, the center focuses on providing the safest-possible environment for hair transplants. Their team makes sure to adhere to international safety and security standards. Despite the immense importance of safety, hardly any transplant centers are adhering to the required safety standards. TechniFUEs extensive experience tells them that hair transplant is not a ‘one size fits all’ formula. In fact, it is a highly customized procedure. One can only attain excellent and individualized transplant results by going with a 360-degree treatment approach. However, this approach involves innovation and an analysis of each patient to pinpoint any deficiencies causing the hair loss.

    TechniFUE International – Mission Statement:

    In one line, as the best hair transplant Turkey facility, TechniFUE’s mission is to make their patients happy. Hence, the treatment approach at this center goes well beyond merely improving a patient’s physical appearance. It involves offering insight and advice that can help patients improve their physical and mental health. The aim is to offer a life-changing experience that will assist patients in becoming the best version of themselves. This way, patients can further spread the knowledge that they obtain at TechniFUE international and improve their lives.

    TechniFUE International – Vision:

    Their vision is that of a future where individuals struggling with hair loss do not feel lost or hopeless. They hope to develop synergies between various sections of the medical industry. Thanks to their team’s extensive knowledge, understanding, and experience, they can help develop integrated and improved treatment methods. JCI Certified: TecnhiFUE’s commitment to excellence can be determined by the fact that the hospital is JCI (joint Commission International) certified. The certificate shows that TechniFUE is dedicated to striving for constant improvements in healthcare safety and quality. The JCI requires adherence to high standards for members before they can become certified. The JCI certificate means that TechniFUE:
    • Ensures quality and safety in its treatment methods.
    • Complies with the National and International legal requirements.
    • Implements best practices, routines, and procedures.
    • Minimizes accidents, making it a reliable platform for the best hair transplant Turkey.

    TechniFUE’s Sapphire Micro FUE –Best Hair Transplant Turkey:

    The Sapphire Micro FUE is an advanced technology in hair transplants, and has yielded incredible results. Many surgeons use it to ensure the best hair transplant Turkey. It involves the removal of hair follicles from the donor area one by one. Surgeons use a micromotor tool to remove hair follicles from the donor area. Since the process is minimally invasive, the chances for trauma are almost nonexistent. Moreover, almost all patients recover quickly and without any complications. The micromotor tool allows the best hair transplant Turkey facility, TechniFUE, to perform hair transplants with sapphire blades. This increases the chances of success for patients. TechniFUE uses micro FUE for the removal of hair grafts and the sapphire blade for making incisions.

    What is a sapphire blade?

    In simple terms, a sapphire blade is a blade made out of sapphire. However, this sapphire is different from the ones normally seen. It is a synthetic form of sapphire developed in a lab using a single aluminum oxide crystal. The crystals are transformed into blades in a highly controlled process. Thanks to this procedure, a sapphire blade is many times harder than steel. Therefore, it remains sharp for much longer.

    Why is a sapphire blade used for performing the Micro FUE hair transplant?

    The Sapphire Micro FUE technique is one of the most sophisticated hair transplant techniques. The use of the sapphire blade promises great results. When performing a transplant, TechniFUE surgeons make several channels in the region with the thinning hair. Sapphire proves very effective in this purpose. Since sapphire is stronger and sharper with steel, it makes the whole process much easier and smoother. The reasons for using a sapphire blade include:
    • It has V-shaped pins. These special pins allow for better and more precise incisions.
    • The surgeons choose the blade based on the patient’s skin and hair structure. This ensures easy opening of channels in the scalp.
    • Sapphire tools make smaller incisions. This results in a minimal chance of scarring or trauma.
    • Since skin damage is minimal, so is the amount of bleeding.
    • Sapphire makes it easier to form channels. This leads to better results and thicker hair.

    What makes the Sapphire Micro FUE transplant revolutionary?

    Sapphire hair transplant has only been around since 2016, but it is the best hair transplant Turkey. This makes it a pretty new hair transplant method. Before that, surgeons used metal blades for grafting hair follicles. These metal tips would often cause severe damage to not only the grafted hair but also the skin. Sapphire Micro FUE transplant reduces this risk and makes the entire process free of trauma and pain.

    Reduced risk of crusted scabs:

    Since sapphire opens up very small channels in the skin, the chances for scabs are extremely low. This leads to quicker and easier healing. The grafts are also tightly ensconced within the small channels. Since germs cannot stick to a smooth scalp, this reduces the risk of infection.


    Sapphire blades can also help with transplants of the beard, mustache, and eyebrows. This is because sapphire blades can open channels in several directions. The technique is highly practical. This is why people prefer this method over more conventional ones. Patients find this technique immensely comfortable and smooth.

    Best Hair Transplant Turkey TechniFUE Innovations:

    OxyVitalis Treatment:

    TechniFUE is constantly committed to improvement, growth, and producing the best hair transplant Turkey. Thus, this commitment has enabled them to achieve a new breakthrough in hair transplant techniques. This breakthrough allows them to increase graft vitality and survival rate. It also helps them to maximize patient biological survival rate, leading to greater graft acceptance and quicker recovery. The hospital had been conducting research on the above topics since September 2018. This research concluded in August 2020. The study was based on 600 treatment methods. The first section of the research was related to graft vitality and survival. During a conventional hair transplant, surgeons keep the grafts in liquid form to ensure their vitality. The surgeons also keep the grafts at a temperature that will maintain the grafts’ vitality for as long as possible.

    However, weaker grafts struggle to survive these conditions:

    The second aspect of the study involved checking if certain supplements could improve the vitality of weaker grafts. For the study, a total of 30 supplements were assessed, while two stood out. They had a significant impact on graft survival and vitality. The combination of these two supplements produced unparalleled results. The study also involved improving the patients’ biological conditions so that the graft acceptance and the healing process were smoother. For this purpose, the researchers examined the relation between blood flow, oxygen levels, and the healing process. The result of this examination was the breakthrough OxyVitalis Treatment.

    Unique OxyVitalis Treatment:

    Oxygen is administered at a specific point during the treatment. As a result, it leads to significant improvement in one’s blood flow and skin condition. A major advantage of this method is that the healing level is faster and normally occurs on the first day. Moreover, The OxyVitalis treatment promises a minimum graft survival rate of 95%. To put it into perspective, the standard survival rate for other leading clinics is 75% to 85%. The graft growth is also quicker with OxyVitalis. In other words, previously, the results took 10 months to yield. However, they are now achieved in a mere 5 to 6 months.

    TechniFUE 8 Gen Punch:

    As a leading hair transplant Turkey facility, TechniFUE believes that transplants should be tailor-made and require a 360-degree approach. Operating under this conviction allowed the hospital to come up with the TechniFUE 8 Gen Punch. This process makes use of a motor device to extract the hair grafts from the donor area. This device is like a laser pointer, and contains a hollow point as a separate unit.

    The ‘punch’:

    The micromotor rotates this tip and enables the surgeons to loosen the grafts through light contact. The surgeons can then easily extract those loosened grafts from the donor area. In technical language, this point or tip is called a ‘punch’. The punches can develop in different diameters and may range from 0.6mm to 0.9mm. The doctors will determine the precise diameter based on the patient’s skin and hair structure.

    Customized punches:

    Normally, surgeons around the world use the same punch type for all surgeries. However, TechniFUE has been able to come up with 8 different types of punches. This way, there is an ideal punch diameter for every graft and skin type.

    Advantages of the TechniFUE 8 Gen Punch:

    Compared to standard punches, the TechniFUE ones offer two major advantages. First of all, the perfect punch is used for every surgery. Hence, there is minimal damage to the tissue, which allows for quicker healing. Another advantage of customized punches is that the specialist can extract multiple grafts using 2, 3, or even 4 hairs. Meanwhile, only a few grafts are extracted that use multiple hairs with standard punches. A higher number of grafts with multiple hair results in greater hair density and more natural results. The TechniFUE 8 Gen Punch entails the use of individualized punches. These punches can result in the highest possible number of multi-hair grafts.

    Vitamins Blood Test:

    Today, a large number of studies show how vitamin deficiencies can affect our hair. For instance, there is a clear relationship between vitamin H (biotin) and healthy hair. Hence, it is important to determine vitamin levels before the hair transplant. For optimal development, the transplanted hair must obtain an ideal supply of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, healthy vitamin levels will also be beneficial in maintaining the vitality of existing hair. It is important to realize that the best hair transplant Turkey facility, TechniFUE International, offers vitamin blood tests. They can help patients determine if they have any specific vitamin deficiencies. If they do, TechniFUE’s team can put together a customized supplementation plan for them.

    Lifestyle and Health PDF:

    TechniFUE’s Lifestyle and Health PDF covers various aspects. It informs patients about the characteristics of top performers. Besides that, it outlines the lifestyles followed by successful athletes and businesspeople, along with covering topics like health.

    Healthy lifestyle = faster recovery:

    As one of the best hair transplant Turkey facilities, TechniFUE has extensive experience in the industry. Throughout the years, they know that patients who follow healthy lifestyles tend to recover quicker from their hair transplants. Moreover, a healthy lifestyle also contributes positively to hair quality and quantity. TechniFUE International aims to provide every available tool to its patients so that they can enjoy the perfect transplant results. Topics covered in the PDF:
    • Foods that are good and foods that are harmful.
    • Vitamins that contribute to healthy hair and the foods that contain those vitamins.
    • What training programs to follow to achieve desired goals.
    • Habits of successful people.
    • How to alter negative habits and change them into positive ones.
    • Things to do for a healthy and stronger brain.
    The PDF content is compiled on the basis of the experience and knowledge of TechniFUE’s medical team. It also contains material from some of the best-selling books on topics such as lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, and personal development.

    Canal Opening with Sapphire:

    Before a surgeon can plant the extracted grafts onto the treatment area, they must open channels in the scalp. The ‘slit channel’ method is the conventional way of opening these channels. Furthermore, a number of specialists use this method. Similar to sapphire, the material Slit is used to open the channels.

    Slit vs. Sapphire:

    Slit is a kind of blade belonging to a razor blade. It is cut into a number of small needles or points. However, Sapphire is a small point that contains diamonds. TechniFUE International only makes use of sapphire to open the channels. DHI Hair Transplant Sapphire has numerous advantages compared to Slit. For starters, sapphire causes much lesser tissue damage. Hence, this leads to reduced crusting, quicker healing, and the possibility of opening a more channels per squared centimeter. Eventually, it leads to a higher density of hair.

    Needle-free Dermojet Anesthetic:

    As previously mentioned, surgeons perform hair transplants with the use of local anesthesia. Surgeons perform local anesthesia on both the treatment area and donor zone to ensure a pain-free procedure. Most clinics make use of needles to administer anesthesia. This method, even though brief, comes with a host of disadvantages pertaining to the patient’s comfort level.  The best hair transplant Turkey, TechniFUE International, uses a Dermojet Anesthetic device. This device administers anesthesia underneath the skin without having to use needles. Unlike the traditional needle method, this approach to anesthetic administration is pretty much painless and quite pleasant. The Dermojet Anesthetic approach is particularly helpful for patients with a phobia of needles.

    Personal Medical Advisor:

    Offering the best hair transplant Turkey, TechniFUE International places a lot of importance on the overall patient experience. Their specialists evaluate every interaction with their clients over a period of at least 12 months following the procedure. This begins from the visit to TechniFUE’s website and lasts for at least 12 months following the transplant procedure. The goal is to evaluate the patients’ experiences and make improvements accordingly.

    Medical Advisors:

    To achieve this purpose, TechniFUE hires Medical Advisors who speak the same language as the patients. These advisors guide the patients through the entire treatment process. TechniFUE employs these medical advisors on a need basis. Their primary service is that of translating because they are also aware of the medical aspects. Moreover, they can even respond to a host of questions by themselves. Also, every medical advisor should share the patient’s mother tongue so that the conversations are smooth, and misunderstandings are minimum. The advisors accompany the patient to the treatment and pleasantly explain every phase to the patient. As a result of this, many patients feel a lot more confident, assured, informed, and pleased about the entire process. Majority of the Medical Advisors belong to Turkish origin and grew up and lived in another country for many years. Throughout the treatment, TechniFUE’s patients can safely depend upon these advisors and surgeons to obtain the best hair transplant Turkey.

    Shampoo, Serum, and Vitamin Package:

    One cannot discount the value of these aftercare products in achieving the best hair transplant Turkey results. Fortunately, TechniFUE’s aftercare package contains three products, each of which contributes to healthy and strong hair.


    The shampoo used by TechniFUE is free of Parabens and has an optimal PH value. This means that patients can use the shampoo on a daily basis to boost scalp health.


    The serum contains numerous ingredients that support hair growth and contribute to healthy hair. One such ingredient is Procapil. During the first three months after the transplant, the grafts fully embed themselves and start producing new hairs. Sapphire Micro FUE Hair Transplant


    This consists of vitamins that support and promote healthy hair growth. During the initial phase, the intake of vitamins is important and effective in obtaining satisfactory and lasting results.

    Final Word on Best Hair Transplant Turkey:

    If you wish to get a free analysis and see if you qualify for a hair transplant, contact us here. TechniFUE International provides the best hair transplant Turkey and their advisors will be more than happy to assist you.

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